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Festivals, Fetes ....and more!

Facepainting stall
Face paint mirror moment
Calne summer Carnival

"Safe, cheap and easy"

   No family friendly event is complete without that extra splash of colour and sparkle that good quality face painting and body art provides. Every festival seems to have a transformation station of some kind, be it henna for the teens and adults, traditional facepainting for the kids, or any of the many glitter based trends that have sprung up over the last couple of years. Everybody loves a chance to express their creative side in a safe, cheap and easy way that can still be washed off in time for work or school the following day.


   In these days of increasing social media influence, the savvy sponsor or event organiser has been catching on to the benefits of sponsored "free to the public" face and/or glitter art. As well as guaranteeing plenty of brightly coloured photographs, the one thing almost every proud parent does, as soon as their child looks up from the mirror, grinning at the superhero or fairy they have just seen themselves become, is to whisk little Johnny or Julie aside for a photo, and, more often than not, instantly upload it to social media. Add this to the Selfie takers, many sponsors now put up brightly coloured backdrops and signs with their logos and hashtags prominently displayed, asking the customers to tag their event or company in their posts.

Gypsy wedding body paint
Face Painting sign
Face painting stand
Body painted models
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